Registering and logging on to the Hydra site

Many people wonder how to enter or register on the Hydra site. About this we will talk to you today…

Link to Hydra site mirror –

Link to Hydra via Tor:

Well first we need to go to the link above to find ourselves on the page of the Hydra site . After you follow the link you will see a white screen and a captcha, it says that you are at the door of the giant of the shadow market. In order to open the main page of Hydra you need to enter the captcha.

At first glance it seems that registering at Hydra will bring you a lot of difficulties, but no!

At the top right corner you need to click on the button “Register”. Where on the opened page you will need to come up with a

Login – (it will be used to enter your personal account).

Displayed name – (this is your nickname, it must be different from the Login, it will be seen by the sellers).

Password – make up a strong password and never tell it to anyone under any circumstances!

After all of the above, enter the captcha and click on “Sign Up”.

And don’t forget to read the rules of how to use the link to the hydra

Congratulations! You are now a Hydra user. The next step is to log in to Hydra





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